Frontpage Parlor Pic   The Singing Echoes, given the title by The Singing News
Magazine as "The Most Exciting Group in Gospel Music", have been singing for 48 years.  Their family sings and travels with a full band that extends to the concert goer a unique experience matched by none.  Bill Bailey, a prominent Southern Gospel Music Promoter, said "You don't listen to the Singing Echoes... You Experience the Singing Echoes."  Many fan favorites introduced by the group include the songs It's Enough, Think I'm Excited, Somebody's Here, and Wake up to Sleep No More (which was nominated for a Grammy for the arrangement of the song).  The group has stood the test of time because of their dedication to The Lord, Singing the Gospel, and giving their fans an experience they won't soon forget.  If you haven't seen the Singing Echoes, We invite you to a concert in your area.  Once you experience The Singing Echoes, you'll know what you've been missing. 

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  • Meadow LaneAppearing Wednesday July 18th
  • The KingsmenAppearing Wednesday July 18th
  • Gold CityAppearing Wednesday July 18th
  • Watson BrothersAppearing Thursday July 19th
  • Tony GoreAppearing Thursday July 19th
  • Old Time Preachers QuartetAppearing Thursday July 19th
  • Singing EchoesAppearing Nightly
  • 2x2 QuartetAppearing Friday July 20th
  • Wilma SmithAppearing Friday July 20th
  • Andrew PhippsAppearing Friday July 20th
  • FreemansAppearing Friday July 20th
  • InspirationsAppearing Friday July 20th
  • Michael CombsAppearing Friday July 20th
  • Tim Frith & The Gospel EchoesAppearing Saturday July 21st
  • Southland QuartetAppearing Saturday July 21st
  • The DiplomatsAppearing Saturday July 21st
  • Primitive QuartetAppearing Saturday July 21st
  • Singing Echoes Appearing Nightly
  • Visit singingechoes.com for more info
1 Meadow Lane2 The Kingsmen3 Gold City4 Watson Brothers5 Tony Gore6 Old Time Preachers Quartet7 Singing Echoes8 2x2 Quartet9 Wilma Smith10 Andrew Phipps11 Freemans12 Inspirations13 Michael Combs14 Tim Frith & The Gospel Echoes15 Southland Quartet16 The Diplomats17 Primitive Quartet18 Singing Echoes 19 Visit singingechoes.com for more info20
Singing Echoes 48th Annual Blue Springs Valley Singing
July 18-21, 2018

On Sale Now!!!
4 day pass $48.00 per person

Tickets will be held at the gate.  Please bring receipt or phone verification for ticket willcall.
Nightly Advanced Tickets $15.00 per person

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Wednesday July 18, 6:45 p.m.
Adam Epperson -Morning Devotion
Meadow Lane, Kingsmen, Gold City, The Singing Echoes
Thursday July 19, 6:45 p.m.
Jason Price - Morning Devotion

The Watson Brothers Trio, Old Time Preachers Quartet, Tony Gore, The Singing Echoes
Friday July 20, 6:00 p.m.
Sam Duncan - Morning Devotion

2x2 Quartet, Wilma Smith, Andrew Phipps, The Inspirations, Michael Combs, The Singing Echoes
Saturday July 21, 6:00 p.m.
Frank Bryant - Morning Devotion
Southland Quartet, Tim Frith & the Gospel Echoes, Hope's Journey, The Dioplomats, The Primitive Quartet, The Singing Echoes

The Singing Echoes are proud to announce that we have joined as cast members of the Great American Gospel Television show.  Tune in each week on Saturdays at 3:30 p.m. to see the Singing Echoes on your favorite tv stations.
Dish Channel 267 DirecTV Channel 376 Glory Star Channel 117 Sky Angel IPTV Live Streaming on the web
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Also Appearing on the American Gospel Onstage program starting July 29th @6:30 on these fine stations
NRB Network DirecTV Channel 378 Sky Angel Channel 126