Anniversary Singing

Dates for our 48th Anniversary Singing are July 18th - 21st.
We are currently accepting reservations for campsites at the Singing Ground.  Electrical hookup 30 amp $20 a night - 50 amp $25 a night, Water hookup, dump station and shower house. 
Please call 423-472-2421 to reserve your spot today.
Plans for 50 amp hookups in the works, call for details.
Singing Located 150 Bryson Lane, Cleveland TN 37323


  • Meadow LaneAppearing Wednesday July 18th
  • The KingsmenAppearing Wednesday July 18th
  • Gold CityAppearing Wednesday July 18th
  • Watson BrothersAppearing Thursday July 19th
  • Tony GoreAppearing Thursday July 19th
  • Old Time Preachers QuartetAppearing Thursday July 19th
  • Singing EchoesAppearing Nightly
  • 2x2 QuartetAppearing Friday July 20th
  • Wilma SmithAppearing Friday July 20th
  • Andrew PhippsAppearing Friday July 20th
  • FreemansAppearing Friday July 20th
  • InspirationsAppearing Friday July 20th
  • Michael CombsAppearing Friday July 20th
  • Tim Frith & The Gospel EchoesAppearing Saturday July 21st
  • Southland QuartetAppearing Saturday July 21st
  • The DiplomatsAppearing Saturday July 21st
  • Primitive QuartetAppearing Saturday July 21st
  • Singing Echoes Appearing Nightly
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1 Meadow Lane2 The Kingsmen3 Gold City4 Watson Brothers5 Tony Gore6 Old Time Preachers Quartet7 Singing Echoes8 2x2 Quartet9 Wilma Smith10 Andrew Phipps11 Freemans12 Inspirations13 Michael Combs14 Tim Frith & The Gospel Echoes15 Southland Quartet16 The Diplomats17 Primitive Quartet18 Singing Echoes 19 Visit for more info20
Wednesday July 18, 6:45 p.m.
Adam Epperson -Morning Devotion
Meadow Lane, Kingsmen, Gold City,
The Singing Echoes
Thursday July 19, 6:45 p.m.
Jason Price - Morning Devotion
The Watson Brothers Trio,
Old Time Preachers Quartet,
Tony Gore, The Singing Echoes
Friday July 20, 6:00 p.m.
Sam Duncan - Morning Devotion
2x2 Quartet, Wilma Smith, Andrew Phipps,
The Freemans, The Inspirations,
Michael Combs, The Singing Echoes
Saturday July 21, 6:00 p.m.
Frank Bryant - Morning Devotion
Southland Quartet, Tim Frith & the Gospel Echoes, Hopes Journey, The Dioplomats,
The Primitive Quartet, The Singing Echoes
On Sale Now!!!
4 day pass $48.00 per person

Tickets will be held at the gate.  Please bring receipt or phone verification for ticket willcall.

Free Devotions held daily at 10:00 a.m. (Love offerings taken for ministers preaching)
Come enjoy our new shelter and take advantage of the covered intimate setting.  We really feel the shelter brought our fans "closer to the action," while providing more comfort in the process.

Come visit our museum of Singing Echoes history located at the park.

4 day pass $48.00 per adult
Gate $18.00 per adult
Advance Tickets $15.00 per adult
Camping Reservations available now!
30 amp $20 each night, 50 Amp $25 each night