It’s Churchtime

Good Morning.

Thank God for another Lords day! Time for The Thankful To Enter into His Courts with Praise & Thanksgiving.( Ps 100.)

My what The Lord has done in each of our lives. Worship with one another, The scriptures advise to forsake not. Cultivate those relationships with the Body of Christ , namely The Brothers & Sisters in Christ Jesus.
My heart tells me the more we’re together, the closer we become. Think God would sanction that.
It’s the awkwardness of being unfamiliar which leads to misunderstanding and distrust.
It’s a Holy Union and our own wellbeing depends on that fellowship.
We need those believers, and they need us, for none of us can walk this road alone.
Someone to walk with, makes the load lighter. Can’t be lonely when you’ve got a friend with you.
Sickness & pain, troubles & trials, all the tests of life are easier when you’ve got prayer partners, the more the better.
So, the ol Devil has already given me his excuses for skipping out on The Lord this morning….
But I told him to go back where he came from!!!
On my way to the “Church House” ; hope to see you there.

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