Heavenly Day

Good evening.

Well the Singing Echoes 2015 Tour winds down this weekend and what a great trip we had!
You’ve heard the report about Saturday night and the time we had at Unity Baptist Church ohh how sweet it was,
Then today we had a great day with The Preacherman  Moats and his church family at LIVING STONES Baptist in OXFORD, AL!
A great service this morning and Bro Moats preached a dandy. I sat and drank in his message of how God wanted to change things…
As I sat there my attention was drawn to the world outside my window. I thought about all the bars, the Liquor stores, the Hellholes in the world and the corruption that has taken over all around us.
As the thought ran through my mind…. God wants to Change it all!!! I left feeling challenged! Ready to charge hell with a Waterpistol, heehee!!!
Then we went to Capt D’s for a good meal and then on to the Antioch Baptist Church for an afternoon of HEAVEN!!! Ohhhh children… the Lord was with us today! We felt the Power of GOD in All His Glory come down on the House as we sang till we could sing no longer!!! PTL!!
Heaven truly came down and Glory to GOD!!!it fell all around us!!
One came to the altar and poured his heart out and the Devil had a heart attack!!! Ohh it was a joy to be there and we still feel the joy bumps from the thrilling afternoon where GOD was in the midst!!!
Whew www!!! Was He ever!!!
As we closed it was a sad time to leave such a glorious atmosphere where the glory spout just had poured us out a blessing we could not Receive. Thank God for answered Prayer ! And Thx to the churches this weekend who served as Host to The Singing Echoes 
What a day.. Glorious Day… It Has been!!! 
But….. Just wait till you get a load of Heaven!!!
So the Eagle sets its compass towards home.
I look forward to seeing my wife and grandkids & to rest a little while. 
I pray there was some Heaven in your day.
Good night.

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