Sing me a song!!

Good evening.
The Lord knows our every care.

 We ‘re not alone, Jesus is with you. He’s always there right by your side! Just speak His name, you’ll feel His presence 

you’re not alone. He’s by your side!
Precious words from a good ol Gospel song by The good ol Kingsmen Quartet.

Been a long long time since we sang together. Hammill, Eldridge, Squire, Ed, Ray Dean, Ernie, John and all.

Folks like Vestal, Sam Howard and Rusty,

James, JD, Rosie, Jake, 

My joy the list is large .. There was Rex, Dottie, Buck ,& Reba…

And you can recall The days of Archie, Troy, Jack, Marlin, Holcomb.( taught him everything I knew about singing Bass, took about 45 seconds!! Heehee)

Of Course there are many of our favs that are still singin today, none no better than Karen P, and Jeanette and Hubert, and of course Rueben and Peg and my my the list goes on and on.Many have gone Home….

I miss them all. 

I’ve left out so many more but unintentionally. My point is every weekend, every night over years and years of singing For The Lord, we passed by these Giants , legends of the Music we’ve sung for 45 yrs.

And we cherished it all singing along side of our Mom and Dad, still my heroes! 

Listening to the fantastic songs over the years we gained such strength from; those precious songs we grew with.

But after they’ve all gone and the songs are all finished, we can still get a blessing when we pull out a cd or DVD and drink from the well of living waters when we are stuck in life’s valley or desert.

Strength!! We gained such strength from the precious Holy Word of God and the anointed songs written by Gods writers! 

That’s special folks… So don’t ask me to just throw them all away… Are you kiddin me?

These helped me through !! 

They kept my song through all those dark hours when my heart was heavy and my back was against the wall Hallelujah!!!

If your taste is in the modern so be it I hope they bless you as these have blessed me!

But we’ve been through a lot over the past 45 yrs!

And they still are anointed! And they still bless my soul!!

Sing me a song about Jesus!!!!!

Praise God, and I can make it through any kind of Day!!!

Shame On The Devil!!!!!
Good night.

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