Good evening.
“Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord’s table, and of the table of devils.”

‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭10:21‬ ‭KJV.
When we serve there

Has to be loyalty, Dedication and Faithfulness.
Imagine sitting in a foxhole.

That’s an old time ID of a bunker….

Where soldier

Buddies hunkered down together to avoid enemy fire.

There, it was their shelter and protection. The zone they felt the shield from incoming bullets and


There is where you learned who you could trust. Where you could find support. Where the strength of your position lay.

If you couldn’t depend on your buddy your job was that more difficult. Lives could be lost if the flank wasn’t strong. 

If the guy nearest you wasn’t trustworthy you never felt safe because now you had to keep your eye on Him too. Will he stay the battle? Or will he turn and run away!

Will he cover you or leave you to die alone!
It’s now 2015 and There are still foxholes in our lives…every one of us. 

The battle is very real! God has assured us we are in a battle. Just read Ephesians 6.

The church today is in the middle of the greatest battle I have seen in my lifetime.

Doors are shutting as church after church is caving in to the worldly attitude of too many churchgoers who are more interested in the world than they are winning souls for God.

We’re playin church today, folks.

Too many have turned into social clubs, daycare centers and playgrounds. 

The Lost are growing more wicked every day and they are becoming like the Sodomites, They hold the churchgoers with contempt…

They will tell you , they can handle being preached to by Gods men, but when the churchgoers are involved with the same lifestyle as they are pursuing they want to throw you and your bible overboard!

Be real children!!! Be real!!!

You can’t please God and Mamman!!!

The world has seen all they can stomach of the hypocrite. They want to hear from Heaven! 

They want the way the truth the life! They want you to tell them about Jesus!!!! 

Genuine Christians….

Have you seen any lately? 

That’s a rare breed today.

Sold out ; non comprising;

Serving… Sacrificing. 
Praise GOD for the real, the Genuine, The Child of The King!!!
You can find them….

mostly at the Lords table.

Dedicated,separated , sold out!

Thank God for them all! They’re keeping their doors open. They still use the Ol Black Book, the Precious Word Of God. There’s a time for play but also a time to worship in spirit and in truth.

Many have crossed over Jordan. But with Gods power ( The Gospel!) as our strength, there’s enough to get the job done! So press On weary pilgrims … PTL , Press on!!
Good night.

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