When it all starts Happening!!!

Good evening.
New Home Church 

Monroeville AL tonight! 6:30pm. 

If your in shouting distance, that’s the place to be!

Thankful for Gods hand on us through a day on the road to get here and now with gear all rolled out and equipment set up its gettin time to go to meeting here at New Hope!
We’ve had some awesome times in Monroeville.

Many a time sang to a packed out crowd . 

Anxious to see What The Lord will Do tonight! 

Been praying much today about this entire weekend.

We hope to see a great Harvest of Souls come to the Lord. We’re believing God that it will be so!

There’s a graveyard just outside of the church. 

The thought Always occurs when we sing at a place like this of what a spectacle it would be to be a Singin when the Lord returned and witness those ol graves burst open and we join them with the saints in Glory while the ceaseless ages roll on…,

Well PTL I can tell meetin is gonna be good I can already feel the Spirit of The Lord and starting times not even here yet!
Oh one day children, yes beloved one day, that’s Goin to happen! We’ll go home to be with Jesus!!

Forever and ever!!

Ans you talk about a meeting!!! What a meeting that will be when we all get there !!!

Are you going? Are you prepared? Have you settled it all??

Time is about up… The Eastern Skies will part the Church will go home!!!

And just to think….

Children , it could all start happening ….. tonight!!!
Good night.

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