Without Jesus your week will be weak 

Good Morning.
HighPoint North Carolina, HERE WE COME!!!
The Singing Schoes’ 2015 Tour is High Point Bound this Saturday morn , with a quick stop for fuel and a bisquit we will embark on our mission this week to reach lost souls for Christ!

We begin with a trip to see some precious friends at the Landmark Baptist Church.

Our Good friend Pastor Amos Mashburn welcomes everybody to a great night of Spirit filled Joy comin down celebration.

First song is @ 7pm.

This has been a annual visit for some 30+ yrs . And we can’t wait to see all our dear friends again! 

They go to meetin folks so if you get nervy easy you might want to take some Valium before you get there .heehee. This promises to be a great night so you don’t want to miss it. Come early for a seat! They come in great numbers to this event.
Then we head to Rock Hill, SC for a Sunday morning treat! It’s our return to Inspiration Baptist church and we are glad to get back to sing for these folks!

Last time we had a jubilee and look forward to some of the sweetest people on earth. They love God here and we hope to see several souls come to The Lord ! Wherever you choose to spend your Weekend don’t leave the Lord out or your weekend will truly be weak!

The SE’s invite you to spend it at the house of God with us! It’s going to be a celebration !!

What ever you do wind up investing your time in, please know this….

The SE’s are praying for you.

I pray your life will be blessed.
Have a Heavenly Day.

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