New Hope

Good morning.
Well what do you know?

It’s the Last Lords Day of 2015. 

Doesn’t it seem like it went by kinda quickly?

I went back to check and yes just as it has been all my life, this will be the 52nd Sunday & Lords Day 

Of this disappearing year.
Want to thank God for His blessings on us this year! 

God has been good. We are so blessed! 

God is a good God!

There has been a lot of tragedy this year. Each year seems to be filled with more and more dangers as the ol Devil is running about seeking whom he may devour.

Our local newspaper

This Past week has printed a top ten Top story list and had highlighted them daily for the past week .

Tragic hwy accidents

Claimed many a life.

Alcohol was to blame on far too many and I don’t understand why we as a people can’t figure it out that that stuff is a poison to our society.

It’s a killer just like the Word teaches it is!

Then there was domestic tragedy .

Family taking the life of its own. Bible speaks of parents turning from their children and children from parents.

And the Violence! Yes we have seen the

Ol devil bring his dirty bag of tricks in to reek havok on the peaceful with the endless warfare created by the unwillingness of our society to get along with our own.

Even the authorities , our men in blue have seen attack after attack by people unwilling to take responsibility for their actions and resisting authority .

Yes these are all signs of a society that is out of control. 

Such is to be expected when a nation expels God from it. What do you get? Chaos. 

But this Christmas past brought me new hope the joy and restful time with family and loved ones made my spirits kick up!

I still believe there is hope!! 

Hope for tomorrow! 

So I exercise my faith this morning. I’m going to church! 

I’m goin to sing and pray and fellowship and worship the God that is real! PTL!

He gives hope where there is none. 

He shines a light in a dark place!! 

Let’s meet at the Lords’

house this morning. 

Thank God there’s still time to return this nation back around to Christ Jesus!
Have A Heavenly Day.

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