Final stop 2015 Singing Echoes Tour

Well we come to the final night of the Singing Echoes 2015 tour and we still can’t believe how quickly we have seen the year go by.Tonight takes us back to the place we started back one fast paced year ago. 

Fellowship Baptist Church 

W Pastor Bill Brannon a truly faithful man of God. 

He welcomes each and everyone to come out this evening to one of their fav nights of the year.

All night at Fellowship where the Lord is going to be this evening.

We ve just arrived and the unloading begins in prep for what promises to be an outstanding evening where the glory of the Lord comes down and we shout it from the rooftops in celebration of the good things God has done for us in 2015 and for what’s in store for 2016!!!

We re anxious to get started as we expect the joy of the Lord to fill the air this night. 

Always a great time at Fellowship. Fond fond memories live here as we’ve had some humdingers at this place down through the years.

They’re lining up all over America tonight to see football games dances parties and other special events to celebrate the new year but every venues will have a loser .

But there are no losers here at the Lords’ house!!

And there will be folks everywhere meeting in churches to pray and sing and preach the old year out and the New Year in.

Everyone will go home a winner and there’ll be no hangovers in the morning!!hallelujah!!

So come one come all to the New Year’s Eve celebration at Fellowship Baptist in Riverdale Ga tonight. 

First song is at 7pm.

Bring your shouting shoes!!
See you there!

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