Just being Faithful

Good evening.
To Open Door Missionary Baptist church in Sweetwater Tn!! 

The Singing Echoes 2016 Tour continued tonight even though a big bad ol storm came and kept many of what would otherwise have been a massive crowd away due to the inclimate weather.

But to those who came we had a Jubillee! 

God blessed the faithfullness of the Watson family and the efforts of the folks at Open Door to have revival! 

And God sent revival there tonight!

In absence of the Evangelist Who was unable to get there due

To road conditions , God sent something very special.

A Muselim that God saved, and then called him to preach, stepped up to the pulpit and preached a dandy!!! 


When we are in Heaven , I’ll meet This man on the streets of Gold!!

I’ll walk with him around heaven as a brother. Not because he was a Muselim… But because he gave his life to Christ Jesus!

I hope you have too.
There is I’m sure a ??? Out there…

Why did you get out in this nasty weather? Why didn’t you postpone the meeting why did you take that risk?

Your crowd was effected, your message would have limited outreach due to the weather conditions,

Why go to All that trouble?

Why did you go?

Just being faithful.
It won’t be in the headlines in the morning paper.
But it’s on record in Beulah Land. That’s fine with us!
See you there.
Good night.

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