What means most to you?

Good Morning.
It’s Sunday morning January 24,2016.

It’s The Lords Day!!

My favorite day of the week.

Time to Go to the Fathers House. Time to Feed our soul. Time for every worshipper to go to church and get their spiritual Batteries charged. 

Time to go to the Souls filling Station to get our tank filled! And it’s a good thing cause mines running on empty!
Weather will hinder some and it’s to be expected.

Just wonder why the weather doesn’t hinder the ballgame? Watched Tennesse yesterday on TV play basketball.

One would never have thought that half the country in those parts were shut down because of inclimate conditions.

But it didn’t stop the fans . You know why?
Because that ballgame meant something to them.
You have to be wondering this morning…. Why are the saints of God not that way about the worship of our Lord and Savior?

Oh well I won’t preach to you this morning. Not yet at least! Heehee.
Why? Cause I’m headed for church and I don’t want to be late! Heehee.

Just ask yourself a ??? Today before you decide on church this morning.

Who will I call on this week for the essential Needs Of myself and my family??

Who will I put my trust in to help me with my provisions?For my strength? My good health?

Will I trust in Tennessee Basketball or The Lord Jesus Christ?
Which means the most to you today?
See you at the church!!
Have a Heavenly Day.

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