Good morning.
Thank you Lord for a wonderful Easter


After a glorious Sunday morning worship we gathered to the Singing Echoes Park for a afternoon celebration with family and friends.

( I’m still looking for those eggs!!)

Grandees were having a blast!  

Kept hearing my Glenda, 

Lynn you’re eating too much!!! 

How could I resist there were dumplins everywhere???

The nana pudding and strawberry cake and the cookies and the candy all made for a feast that was to die for!

I immediately began to think of the countless ones who would not get to eat such a feast this day and decided I’d try to eat enough for them too! Heehee.

But today, it’s back to the cardboard as Glenda put a halt to my evil ways. 

Love my Glenda .

Today hope you are enjoying a gorgeous day in Tennessee! 

Beautiful afternoon and Glenda is off today. We are having a Funtime just being together.

Hope you and your loved one will get to do the same.
Have a Heavenly Day.

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