A Meeting of Born Agains

Good evening.
It’s a joy to meet a truly born again Christian this day and time. 

Many though, are

Playin undercover these days either afraid for the world to find out they are a Christian or not able to give an effective


Of their experience.

But some don’t have that problem…. PTL and they are a joy!! 

Met one this evening.

Known him for years .

Ran into him at HomeDepot. 

A total bundle of joy!

I laughed as he joked about some meeting he had just been in and here I caught him inviting people to church …. That’s right! There in the isle of Home Depot he was inviting people to church.

Now you don’t see that every trip to HD!
He spotted me. Hadn’t seen him in a while.

But from half way across the store there went out this shout Lynn Epperson!!

Half the busy store stopped what they were doing and looked down the corridor to see what in the world was going on! 

Now I’ve done business with these folks a good while now and they kind of have a heads up as to what to expect when

Ol Pawpaw Epperson comes in… I admit they were at

First apprehensive but they got used to me. And now they know he’s harmless. Heehee.

But here we came to meet in the center of the store and he began talking about his pastor.

His church

And the singing he went to the other night.

Imagine that. It’s Monday ballgames going on all weekend and no telling what else and what does this fellow have on his mind right there in the middle of Home Depot… On Monday evening?

Not The Braves, Not Tennessee Football, Not the NBA playoffs…. 


Oh how refreshing that is!!! 

Are you that excited about your church? 

We had just returned from all weekend meetings in South Georgia and had lots to tell about this weekend past. He hung onto every word!

So there you have it…. 2 born again Christians still excited about their Spiritual New birth!! And about the church they love , the song God has placed in their hearts, and the family of GOD they Cherish.

Where do you see that these days?

Ahhhh I could have stayed a while enjoying that.

I know I know.

Some will say Lynn you need to keep that in the church and leave the world outside alone.
Sorry friend but I disagree completely! 

You see in Sunday School this past we studied about the great commission. 

You check it out. 

Matt 28:18-20.

The call of every born again Christian…

No where does it tell us to retreat and seal ourselves off into a tomb and conceal what God has out in our hearts!

Hallelujah!! PTL, no sirree! God said to go and tell!! Not sit and smell!! 

Yes I guess the ol Devil would get s kick out of every Christian hiding the Gospel In a church building! Behind the 4 walls.

That way the world would never hear the life changing news that Jesus died for their sins to save us!!! Oh I get it the Devil doesn’t want that to get out!!!

So he tries to intimidate us into withdrawing to the hiding place and silencing the Voice of Christianity!

No way Jose!!!! 

While there’s breathe in the truly born again, we will tell it whereever we can when we can . And the devil can take a hike!!!

Cause his days are numbered!!

Soon and very soon we are going to see the king!!

Yes soon and very soon we are going to see

the king! Hallelujah Hallelujah we’re going to see the king!!
I left with a Harty laugh as

I heard him say if you hear I’m dead and they have my funeral tell em it’s a lie!!

He said

I’ll be more alive than I’ve ever been!!!!

To That I said GLORY TO GOD!!!
Have you had a visit to HD like that one lately?


It was the best deal they had in the entire store!!!
Good night.

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