All day singin

Good evening.
A great day at Pleasant Hill MPB church today.

Oh now that’s church folks!! What a sweet Spirit we experienced .

A jam packed auditorium, to a bountiful harvest dinner, to a jubilee afternoon and the Crowd was again near capacity. 

The only one not welcome was the ol Devil!! And he was in pain from the bruising he took , 


 It was all day singin and dinner on the grounds and celebration 

To boot which did our hearts good!! Thank you Lord and Pleasant Hill Church for giving us the liberty to obey the Lord!!
A side note :
I read where some were looking for a place to go to church tonight. 

As so many churches have gone the way Of the world and shut their Doors on not only Wednesday prayer meeting nights but now Sunday nights Tooo! 

Devil has got to love that! He don’t have to waste time there.

Well the excuse is that no body is coming anymore. 

Wonder, how did that happen. Seems like there’s a lot of churches finding out their programs are not workin out too well.

??? How can you win souls when the doors are all shut?

What does an old sinner do now…make an appointment with the pastor!?

There’s An accounting to be given one day.

Wonder what happened to the altar? What happened to the Spirit? Where did the soul winning desire go? 

Guess the shows over.

Guess the nation and the family’s are on their own tonight.

No one to pray no one to praise the Lord no one to preach the Gospel! No one To sing Gods praises. 

And We want to know what has happened to America? Well if you find out what happened to the church then you ll find out what happened to America.

America is in trouble tonight because many a house of God is closed tonight.
We have a lot of explaining to do church when

We get to the end of the way.

Don’t think Gods gonna be happy with what we’ve done with the church. 
Good night

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