If I should die 

Been out pretty late aye?Sowin your oats I suppose. 

Just laid my head down too. 

Had a great time at Oak Grove Baptist tonight in Ragland , Al.

Took a while to get to bed . Now like you I’m about to close the day on these ol eyes. 

But I thought of you before I could. And thought about something. 

Remember that ol nighttime prayer we once said as a little one? 

Now I lay me down to sleep..

Remember ? Perhaps you said that prayer before too, 

Here’s why i thought of you when that little prayer came to mind.

If I should die …before I wake..

And that’s what I wanted you to think about . 

If you should die before you wake in the morning, neighbor are you ready to die? 

There’s still time Heavens doors are never shut and God never closes. 

So if that dying thought bothers you if the conscience just won’t rest, call on him call on him right now. 

You see, God Still Saves Old Sinners! And God can save you tonight. 

Turn to him then you can sleep like a baby!!PTL!
Good night.

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