Day of Grace

Good evening.
Another Grand Lords Day!!!!

The Singing Echoes stepped inside a place we had never been to before….

DAY OF GRACE MISSIONARY Baptist in Blairsville, Ga!

Pastor Lee Griggs said boys obey the Lord!!! And so we did!!
An outpouring of Gods amazing Grace fell in the house and God convicted hearts and souls came to Jesus!!!! PTL!!!

Altars full, hearts Tooo. Youngsters!! Teenagers & old alike felt the presence of the Holy Spirit touch their heart then fell to their knees. Confess their sins and took Jesus as their savior!!!

I personally watched a 12 maybe 14 year old boy standing at a pew just in front of me begin to weep in tears falling from his eyes as he ran to that altar!! Whoa Glory!!!that was a joy to see!

Meetings like that tell me these youngsters today do have a heart that can be touched!! And God is touching them !!!


If he could save me he could save anybody!!!

What a Joy!!!!! PTL Hallelujah!! 

The Lord sent another barnburner!!! 

And the Devil got his comeuppance!!! Again!!!
How about you dear friend?
Are you saved ? Friend are you?

Do you want to be? Fall on your knees and confess your sins.ask Him to save you!

Ask Jesus to forgive you of all those sins! 

Believe on his promises!! He will save you today!!! Yes he will!

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