Good morning.
Well PTL for the rain the Good Lord sent our way. I forgot what it was like till it came reminding me yesterday afternoon.heehee
Just as the song says it was ” Right on Time.
The Bible says:

“For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.”

‭‭Luke‬ ‭12:2‬ ‭KJV‬‬
There’s an ad often used by vacation promos you’ve heard say ” What goes on in Vegas Stays in Vegas”. 

Well that’s just not true. The ol Devil lied again.

You can’t hide. Your secrets are open books to God . 

Oh the fun the ol rascal promotes…. Try it, who’s gonna know?
Many a shattered dream has started off with that advice.

You should listen to The Lord before you make your mind up to leap into sin.

God warns us ” Be sure your sin will find you out!” Num 32:23.

Yes neighbor your secrets are an open book to GOD.

He saw what you did. He heard he knows. You just can’t hide from God.
I’ve talked to many a sinner tears flowing like raindrops down at an old fashioned altar. Heart convicted, shame, guilt….what’s that?! You mean the ol Devil didn’t tell you about that? Well it’s not a surprise.

Yes indeed, sin brings that awful feeling of guilt, and shame….

It’s called a conscience. Something our Creator built inside us.

Now you don’t hear much about that today but it’s the soul speaking out … Conviction is horrible when you are under its grip but it’s a beautiful thing in the fact that it is honest with you . It doesn’t just pat you on the back and tell you your ok.

It reminds you over And over what you have done. Every detail. You will remember details that consciously you didn’t even know you were doing . But conscience will give a vivid replay over and over.

God uses conviction to disturb us about that sin.

So 6 – 12 weeks down the road there’s this little voice that rises up “remember that night in Vegas”??? ( And the Devil told you it all stayed in Vegas)
But praise God, Old time conviction will draw you to Christ Jesus, if seasoned with a little thoughtful prayer by caring saints of God that are on the mainline of heaven beckoning the Saviors hand upon another soul dying in sin!
Yes yes I remember tear filled eye after tearfilled eye repenting begging God to forgive …. And I’ve seen the joy rush into their hearts that would light their face up like a bright Sun shiny day after a stormy night.
This morning is a good time .

Turn that ol sin over to God. He knows the devil played you like a drum in a parade. 

He knows you’re heart and he sent that tug at your heart ..

So let Him have his way today. 

He will change yours.
Have a Heavenly Day.

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