Make sure

‘Twas a great morning .Church was a joy !!! 

Preacher preached a gem and the devil was blistered!!

Hallelujah love it when that happens!

All in all we heard some old time gospel singing and great ol time preachin and God did the rest!!

Altar was busy with confession after confession.
Question of the day ” DO YOU KNOW FOR SURE YOU ARE SAVED?”. 

Man that’ll get your attention!

God sent old time conviction 

The Message from God s Word today is that we should not be deceived! 

This is a know so salvation…. something you should be sure of . No guessing games here! Make sure you know you’re saved!! 

It’s so easy, trust and believe his Word!
And when the battles over we shall wear a crown

In the New Jerusalem!!!

Make sure you’re sins are forgiven.

Good night.

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