Salute to the Men of God

Good evening.

 The Bible says:
And while they looked stedfastly toward heaven as he went up, behold, two men stood by them in white apparel; Which also said, Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven? this same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven. (‭Acts‬ ‭1‬:‭10-11‬ KJV).
Oh How they would shout and  leap for Joy when the old time men of God would preach about this glorious event. The true men that put Gods Word above all others. The Word Of God, the Scriptures the blessed Ol Book. The forever settled in Heaven Word! 
It was their STANDARD!
It was what they went by! 
It was what sayeth The Lord, in spite of what the deacon board wanted,heehee.
They might not understand it all… ( many would admit that in a New York Minute!).
You see, a lot of them never went to Seminary. Many didn’t even have a grade school education.
How could they build a church? How could they lead a body of Believers?
Well, to tell you the truth…. A lot of them did very well.
You see, those precious servants of the Lord would put their trust in God, and depend on His guidance.
Many of the churches across the land today were built by congregations who were lead by men strong in Faith, bold in their stand for Gods glorious Message, and had a humble heart, willing to follow the Lord instead of chasing mans pipe dreams.
Most of them are all gone.
But there are still untold thousands who can still hear them Preachin Hell Hot And Heaven Sweet!
They remember Getting saved , after being under old time conviction following a message sent from Heaven instead of some library.
It is to these precious patriarchs We pay tribute tonight! We thank God for their Faithfulness. 
The cause of Christ still labors  on …. And we owe a lot to those who carried the message for us all to hear.
Unwavering, unchanging, steadfast and true!
How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things! (‭Romans‬ ‭10‬:‭14-15‬ KJV)
God bless them all and we all sure could use a few now!
Good night.

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