Stand strong

Good evening.

What a wonderful morning. 

A trip to see some good friends ” The PERRY’S” sing this morning at a local church of ours and we all had a glorious morning ! 

God can surely bless if you are obedient and let Him have His way.

And that took place this morning. 

Man the Devil couldn’t stand it and did The Lord ever pour it on in a thrilling heart touching morning.

For all you folks toiling at your church with that other music these days that leaves you wishing you had stayed at home, this good ol Gospel Music touched hearts and lives again as the Spirit flowed down from Heaven.

Heaven is sounding sweeter all the time! And the encouraging to hold on stay strong don’t fear press on man I tought I’d charge hell with a water pistol!!!

But my family and I walked out the door with added zeal!! Ready to fight the battle another day!!!

PTL we thank the Lord we could still feel the presence of the Lord in that place today!
As services broke I visited out back behind the church grave yard in which many of my departed loved ones and family lay awaiting Resurrection morning! 

Man I could remember standing there in deep sadness as grief filled my soul after saying good bye time and time again to those I loved so dear.

But this morning I could look back at those gravemarkers hallelujah and say folks I’ll see you soon!! PTL!!! In a glorified body one great gettin up morning!!! 
Thought as I left I could dance on top of those gravemarkers with the joy I felt in my soul!!!

Oh praise God for a wonderful song for a message of hope ( no wonder the Devil wants to shut it up) and for the blessed promises that I felt renewed today!

Thx to the Little Giants of Gospel Music!!! For encouraging me today!
Good night.

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