Had it not been

Good evening.
🎼 Had it not been for a place that’s called Heaven.

And had it not been for the old rugged cross!

Had it not been for a man called JESUS . Then forever my soul would be______.

I left the last word out on purpose. I wanted to give you a chance to fill it in.

Hoping that you might think about your answer before you type

Where would you be? Had it not been for the cross the empty tomb. And the risen Christ?

Had Jesus took any other direction than the cross what would it mean for us?

I mean where would you and I be now? If there was no hope,

No forgiveness, no mercy and Grace? 

And to think His Love for you and me drew Him to The Cross of Calvary it’s why He came. Not a last minute good idea. But part of a wonderful plan created By The God of Heaven.
And to beat it all…..it brought salvation to you and me.
Had He missed that cross…..

Then forever our soul would be _______!

Got it yet?
Good night.

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