Statements of Faith

Daddy SeatedLynn Epperson
I'm so thankful that my Heavenly Father made salvation available to the "who-so-evers" of this life.  For I truly was a whosoever. As the psalmist put it " If it had not been for the Lord" , I would have no hope, my eternity would be spent in a literal lake of fire. As a Child of God I have blessed hope.  I know where I'll spend eternity.  But also the greatest gift of all... He gave me the ability to LOVE.  The Love of God is greater far than pen could ever tell.  Thank you JESUS for saving my sin-sick soul.
Gary SeatedGary Epperson
I grew up in church but realized one day that I had not given my heart to the Lord Jesus. Then one night our church was having revival, I worked late that night I was only 16. I got off from work and went to the revival.  I only got to hear the last part of bro. Joe Davis preaching. God was already dealing with my heart, that night GOD drew a line in front of my eyes and said this is your last chance so I made my way down to the altar mom and dad didn't even know I had come in the back.  Mom saw the holes in the soul of my shoes and she knew it was me.  She was first worried everyone would see the holes in my shoes but she said she wasn't worried about the soul on the outside as long as GOD would save the soul on the inside.  I started singing in the church youth choir.  Mom and dad had been singing and needed a lead singer, I told them I'd like to try out so one Sunday afternoon we started to practice and it was sounding pretty good.  Lynn was already playing the bass so he stepped up and said he was going to sing bass.  I remember mom saying you can't sing bass... it became a joke with us for years to come.  I remember though, a calling from God.  I was never hired to sing, GOD called me.  I met Debbie a month or so later and we started dating.  I didn't know she could play the piano.  I found out in a few weeks she had ten years of music.  God put us together.  She has been the Love of my life.  Our son Josh was born and has been on our bus traveling ever since he was two weeks old.  He has been a gift from God and is blessed with talent beyond measure.  My grandson Jonah is traveling with us now and is such a joy.  He's following in his dad's footsteps.  My brother Lynn and his sons Adam and Matt along with my family mean more to me than I could ever say.  I've always had the Faith that God would make a way for The Singing Echoes to go and spread the Gospel of JESUS.  He has never failed.  He has touched me and blessed me to write some wonderful songs that have touched many.  I've been humbled that they've done so well.  My prayer is even after I'm gone they'll continue to bless many everywhere.  I'll continue on this journey for the Lord with my family untill He calls me home or we meet in the air!
Debbie Seated  Debbie Epperson
My mother and father were told that they could never have children.  My birth was a miracle and an answer to many prayers.  At the age of five I was playing tunes on the piano and singing harmony.  At the age of seven I was listening to the preacher and realized I was lost without a ray of hope.  I went to the altar that night.  I can still remember the whispers as some were saying "She's too young, She doesn't know what she's doing.  I did know what I was doing that night, and I gave my heart to the Lord.  He placed a desire in heart that night to tell others about him and to sing his praises.  At the age of eleven, I formed a trio with two of my school friends.  I played piano and sang alto, and we traveled to churches in the Cleveland area.  At the age of twelve we were going to a church across town to sing.  We stopped to get gas and a young boy came out to fill the car with gas and clean the windshield.  He was too short to clean the windshield in the center.  We were in the back seat of the car and found it very amusing to watch his attempts to clean the windshield.  Little did I know that God had this little boy picked out to be my husband six years later.  My junior year in high school I met Gary in typing class.  We began to date around Christmas.  I didn't know he sang in a quartet and he didn't know I played piano.  I walked on the stage with the Singing Echoes in 1971 to play piano and I've been there ever since.  Gary and I were married in 1973.  It hasn't been a bed of roses in our ministry, but somehow God has always made a way.  I'm thankful for my salvation, my family, and my friends.  I'm not a wealthy person but I'm rich in God's Amazing Grace and His Love that dwells within my heart.  My heart's desire is that God's Love is portrayed in my singing and my playing.
Adam StandingAdam Epperson
I was a young boy when I was saved. I remember quite well the time. I was attending Vacation Bible School at my home church Ridgeview Baptist Church in Cleveland, TN. I actually heard the testimony of my cousin that had been saved and drew from teachings and conversations that my parents had with me. We were leaving the church and we started talking about what a life changing decision that my cousin had made. I told my mom that I wanted to be saved. We were driving a very old and ugly Chrysler Cordoba. I'll never forget my mother turning the car around and taking me back to the church where I was met by several men ofthe church that took me to an old fashioned altar to pray a sinner's prayer and be saved. I'll never forget being too young to understand tears of joy coming from my moms eyes. I asked her why she was crying and she looked me straight in the eyes and said because I'm happy that my son has been saved and on his way to heaven. It was several years later in July of 2000 when I announced my call to preach the word of God. I am happy to be used of God as a tool for ministering to people. If one person receives a blessing from the talents God has blessed me with, I feel honored to serve as I've been called to.
Josh Standing    Joshua Epperson
All my life I have always been on a bus.  I remember sitting at the back of the bus watching grandma put on her makeup while she told me about Jesus and taught me to sing.  Mom and Dad enrolled me in homeschool through Pensacola Christian Academy to be able to travel on the road.  I was taught Bible every day and the other subjects where from a Christian perspective.  On a Wednesday night at Hopewell Baptist during revival, I gave my heart to the Lord. I have worked hard to do what God would have me to do. Obstacles have been in the path, but God has always been there to let His light shine.  Being on the road and being home-schooled did not allow for me to have many friends at home, but all across the United States.  On a Sunday in 1998, while singing at her church in Rome, Georgia, I met the woman who would later be my wife.  Her parents and grandparents had known our family for years but had lost touch for a while.  It's funny how the Lord works to bring old friends and families back together.  Two years later Brooke and I were married, two years after that we had our first child Jonah Gary.  Jonah has traveled on the bus just like me.  We enrolled him in the same school that I attended and we've tried our best to raise him the way we were raised.  When Jonah was 7, I started teaching him guitar and now at the age of 13 he is our main guitar player.  I can't tell you the joy I felt in my heart when he gave his heart to the Lord last year in South Carolina.  In 2013 we were overjoyed to learn the news that we were expecting another child.  Brooke was so excited and had already begun buying all kinds of things we would need for our new arrival.  We already had picked out the name for the baby.  We never know what God has planned, but He had a different plan for us.  We had a miscarriage and lost Lela Kate in September of that year.  It was probably the hardest time of our lives, but I know one day, we'll be reunited.  We stayed faithful to God and He smiled down on us as we made the announcement at Easter 2014 that we were expecting again.  On October 28, we had a beautiful little girl we named Beckett Grace.  I thank God every day for the gifts in my life.  I've turned down a lot of opportunities to go out and make more money in other things, but I have chose to stay with the legacy my family has worked for in the service our Lord.  I hope and pray God allows me to keep spreading His word and to bring my children up in the way I was raised.  Thank you all for your support and prayers through the years.  We love you all.  As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.
Joshua 24:15
Matthew StandingMatthew Epperson
I've often told people that I thought that every family had the same experience that I have had.  Growing up in Southern Gospel music I thought everyone traveled in buses and performed gospel music.  I know that I am blessed beyond measure and I realize just how unique my experiences have been.  I am thankful that God put me in a place where our family was always in churches and services where the gospel message was always available. One night in the town I grew up in (Cleveland, TN) Bailey Smith was preaching at the tabernacle.  I had been curious before about salvation and the messages that I had listened to.  When the alter call was given I can distinctively remember the preacher asking how many people need him tonight.  I raised my hand in the back of that auditorium.  He continued to ask the same question over and over.  Every time he asked that question I raised my hand in the air.  I was nervous because I began to realize more and more that I needed to be saved.  I thought that he didn't see my hand.  Why else would he continue looking for raised hands?  Why else would he be asking the same question?  He then asked for preachers and others who would come pray with those who were about to come down to the altar.  And he asked for those who raised their hands to follow.  My dad had started down the aisle to help in the altar.  I begin to walk right behind him every step to the altar. That night I was saved.  My name was written in the Lamb's Book of Life.  I became a part of a kingdom that is the most powerful assembly to ever assemble.
Jonah Standing    Jonah Epperson
I remember in South Carolina in October of 2013.  I got saved while we where on the road at a dear friend, Frank Bryant's church.  It was a great feeling to get saved.  I felt like all my burdens were gone and all my sins were washed away.  I hope that you will make the same wonderful decision I made with my life. This man called Winston Churchill made the quote "Never, Never, Never, Quit."  My version is "Never, Never, Never, Quit on God." And I hope everyone that's a Christian feels the same.