Hot As Fire


You know...The devil was trying to catch up with us on our way to Ottway Ohio.  But he was only fast enough to catch our trailer in Portsmouth.  As we were on our way to see our good friend Monte Shonkweiler, I was in daddy's room working on the computer.  In the back....Josh opened the door and yelled up the hall "I heard a loud pop."  Most of the time....we ignore loud pops that come from the back room. (Just kidding)  Gary went just a little way up the road, across a bridge noticing smoke.  Not Good!  He pulled over and I ran off the bus to see that a bearing had seized causing the center plastic cap and all the oil and grease inside the hub to catch on fire.  I was beating the fire the way it was a small one....when Portsmouth's finest arrived (like 3 minutes after we stopped - no joke.  Someone had called the fire dept, telling them that the bus was on fire.  Its funny that they didn't try to stop us!  They were kind enough to block traffic while Gary and I replaced the hub. (We carry spares, its happened before.) 


Bus Fire


     Having been there almost 2 hours, we finally got back on the road and headed to Hill's chapel where Monte had already fired up a batch of his famous Monte burgers, (the group loves them) and stuffed us full of doughnuts ( I love them). We scurried up the stairs to unload the equipment and prepared for a great service.  We had a great crowd, especially considering the floods in the area, with tornados all over the place.  We were happy to see a young pastor that is truly working hard to build a church.  Can't wait till next year at Hill's Chapel....More Monte burgers, More doughnuts, and hopefully a church on fire for God...just like their new pastor! (Not like the trailer fire!)

Here is a picture of Bryson....Trying, trying, trying, to help.  Some of those cases are just too heavy!

Bryson Helping

     We then made our way to Dayton, OH.  By the way, if you live in Dayton....I'm sorry.  We arrived in the city of Dayton about 2:30 Sunday morning.  I then felt like the best way to maneuver the interstate 75 potholes would be in a humvee, dressed for battle.  Honestly.... I saw an American flag posted in the middle of one of those craters, symbolizing new and uncharted land.  Holy cow!  I-55 in Jackson....You don't seem nearly as bad now!  All that aside, We had a great time at Northridge Freewill Baptist with the Pastor Tim Hamilton.  I don't know of too many preachers that exert the kind of energy that he does when delivering a message.  Dad has always said... I don't know if I should 'agg him on or offer him him a heart monitor!  We were blessed by his message and the reception of the crowd. 

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